Palo Santo Wood
Palo Santo Wood
Palo Santo Wood
Palo Santo Wood

Palo Santo Wood

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Palo Santo is the wood from a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and has a literal translation in Spanish as "Holy Wood". These premium Palo Santo sticks are rich in essential oils and cured to the perfect level so you can expect a spectacular scent and smooth smoke throughout your session. When burned they have a unique aroma that can help deepen spiritual moments of meditation and contemplation. It's an excellent tool to cleanse a new home, improve the atmosphere, and incorporate into your aromatherapy. It's used to clear any pre-existing or unwanted energy of healing crystals. The wood can also help brighten energy and promote feelings of positivity and joy, the scent is also shown to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance clarity and concentration.

🌿 Premium quality.

🌱 Ethically harvested and sustainably sourced by licensed farmers in Peru and Ecuador.

🍃 No trees have been cut down - only the fallen branches and trunks are collected.

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